Mike Akins


Gold International Diamond Mike Akins


67 ½ year old keeps up with 20 year olds!


Lost 2 inches from waist and gained 1.5 inches on chest

4Life® products

PRO-TF®, 4Life Transfer Factor Renuvo®, 4Life Transfer Factor® Cardio, 4Life Transfer Factor® Recall®, RiteStart®Men, 4Life Transfer Factor® MalePro®, Riovida Stix.

My Transformation

  • Performed cardio exercises for 45 minutes, four to five times per week
  • Lifted weights two times a week


These results are not typical and were achieved through the 4Life independent distributor’s commitment to exercising consistently and consuming a healthy diet. Consult with your physician before you begin any lifestyle program that includes a change in diet and/or exercise.

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