Ivan Villanueva

Grand Prize Winner

International Diamond Ivan Villanueva

Texas, USA


I lost 29 lbs, more than 7% body fat, and 3 inches around my waist.*

4Life® products

PRO-TF®, Renuvo®, BioEFA with CLA, Energy Go Stix®, 4Life Transfer Factor® RioVida® Tri-Factor® Formula, 4Life Transfer Factor® RioVida Stix® Tri-Factor® Formula, 4LifeTransform Burn®, 4Life Transfer Factor® Tri-Factor® Formula, and Fibro AMJ®

My transformation

I’ve been a fitness enthusiast for years, but I felt like I had plateaued. I wanted to take my body transformation to another level. I eat five or six meals a day with more fruits and vegetables, high protein foods, and no empty carbohydrates. Five times a week, I do resistance training, focusing on each muscle group for better definition and concentration. Achieving my goal was a personal challenge. I wanted to push myself to the limit and see what I could achieve. Now, not only do I have more energy, but I also have a renewed sense of competitiveness. My transformation has made it very easy to share 4Life products with others. This has truly been a win for my entire team, as we’re all capitalizing on the results. A lot of people are interested in joining 4Life, using the products, and achieving their own transformations.*


These results are not typical and were achieved through the 4Life independent distributor’s commitment to exercising consistently and consuming a healthy diet. Consult with your physician before you begin any lifestyle program that includes a change in diet and/or exercise.

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