Christopher Moore

First runner-up winner

Diamond Christopher Moore
Kansas, USA


I lost 38 pounds. I lost six inches from my chest and seven inches from my abdomen. My pants size when from a size 44 to a 36.

4Life® products

PRO-TF® Chocolate

My transformation

I drink PRO-TF first thing in the morning and after workouts. I added more fresh vegetables and reduced my intake of sugars and simple carbohydrates. The biggest change is that whenever I have downtime, I go to the gym. The treadmill, elliptical machine, bikes, and dumbbells have become my friends.


I feel much better mentally and emotionally now, but I keep in mind that my self-worth has nothing to do with the way I look. My transformation definitely impacted my 4Life business. Several times a week, people ask me how I transformed my body. This opens the door to share 4Life.



These results are not typical and were achieved through the 4Life independent distributor’s commitment to exercising consistently and consuming a healthy diet. Consult with your physician before you begin any lifestyle program that includes a change in diet and/or exercise.

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