University-tested PRO-TF® contains the most advanced and effective protein available. The product formula is superior to the gold standard whey protein on the market for supporting body transformation.* Learn more.


Targeted support for healthy aging and total body recovery.* Renuvo is a patent-pending formula that targets healthy aging by supporting a more youthful response to daily life stressors. Feel 22!®Learn more.

4LifeTransform Burn

A patent-pending and proprietary thermogenic blend that supports an accelerated approach to body transformation. 4LifeTransform Burn ignites fat burning, improves energy for optimal workouts, and reduces hunger.* Learn more.

4LifeTransform® Man

A healthy aging and vibrant living supplement designed to boost sexual performance and experience. 4LifeTransform® Man supports a healthy endocrine system, lean muscle growth, and promotes vitality.* Learn more.

4LifeTransform® Woman

A healthy aging and vibrant living supplement engineered specifically to support physical health and sexual experience in women. 4LifeTransform® Woman supports healthy libido and enhanced sexual intimacy.* Learn more.

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Protein Infusion*

Transform your body with PRO-TF® and live a youthful vibrant life!* Every two-scoop serving of PRO-TF® provides 20 grams of the most advanced and effective protein available to help you transform your body, optimize performance, and promote health. PRO-TF® includes a critically essential protein source for your body plus 600 mg of the exclusive immune system supporting 4Life Transfer Factor® in every daily serving.*


The Low Molecular Weight PRO-TF® Protein Blend was tested in an independent, pre-clinical university study and shown to significantly increase muscle protein synthesis (muscle growth) by 74% and was the leading whey protein in the following areas1:

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Stimulates fat burning markers from visible/surface fat for up to 3 hours2*

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Stimulates fat burning markers from organ fat (“bad fat”) stores for up to 3 hours*

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Reduces hunger cravings markers for up to 3 hours2*

14Life Research and Auburn University’s Molecular and Applied Sciences Laboratory in the College of Education, School of Kinesiology, conducted pre-clinical research to demonstrate the safety and efficacy of PRO-TF®, a patent-pending product [Mobley CB et. al., J Int Soc Sports Nutr 2015, 12:14;]. To learn more, visit


2Results, as observed under fasted and controlled conditions, and as occurred directly within the samples. Actual results may vary.

4LifeTransform Burn

4LifeTransform Burn is formulated to:

  • Stimulate fat burning and induce thermogenesis*
  • Improve exercise performance*
  • Enhance fat loss and assist with weight management*
  • Stimulate metabolism and reduce appetite and cravings*
  • Support the maintenance of healthy circulatory system*

Using 4LifeTransform Burn in combination with PRO-TF® yields remarkable results. A pre-clinical laboratory study on the combined use of the two products demonstrates support for weight management, enhanced thermogenesis, and improved body composition.*


In an independent, pre-clinical laboratory study, 4LifeTransform Burn was tested for its ability to incite fat burning and improve body composition in healthy, but sedentary subjects who consumed a westernized, high-fat diet. The study demonstrated that 4LifeTransform Burn helps ignite the normal fat metabolism process. Results also showed a significant boost of these positive effects when taken in conjunction with PRO-TF®!+

+Results as observed in an independent, four-week pre-clinical laboratory study. Actual results may vary.
^UCP1 is a key fat burning protein found in the body.


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